Art Restoration in Minneapolis, MN

We proudly offer restoration services for both art as well as frames at Caplow Custom Frame and Restoration.

Frame restoration includes services such as rebuilding, recasting ornament, re-gilding, and re-toning. Below see examples of some of our past work from the studio.

Before                                                     After Framing & Restoration 

    Custom Framing in Minneapolis, MN

Before                                                    After Framing & Restoration

 Art Framing in Minneapolis. MN

Before                                                     After Framing & Restoration

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Art Restoration in Minneapolis, MN

Fine art restoration in Minneapolis, MN, includes services such as general cleaning, re-varnishing of canvas works, and repair of works on paper.

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Take a look at our restoration photos from a job commissioned by the Hennepin United Methodist Church! Click Here!